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Competitive rates, exceptional service!

Are you getting what you pay for in your current scopist? Chances are you're not, or you wouldn't be here looking for a change. If you are looking for a new or additional scopist, you're most likely interested in a partnership. You want someone with whom you can entrust your work product who will give it the same attention to detail as you do. You long for a situation in which you can send a transcript to a competent, trustworthy, professional scopist and be completely confident that you will receive in return a topnotch transcript ready for you to check flags and quickly proofread, print and send it on its way. If that summarizes what you're looking for, you've found it!

Contained within this site, you'll find background information about me, my education, my skills and abilities.

For more details on the services I provide, be sure to check out the "About" section.

While you're here, browse the "FAQs" page for some very important details.



  • Word-for-word editing with an emphasis on context, spelling, formatting and punctuation
  • Globaling of untranslates and mistranslates
  • Continuous building of job dictionary entries and personal dictionary suggestions
  • A thorough reading of the transcript to check for content and consistency
  • Drawing your attention to any questionable areas requiring your review by use of flagging those areas for a quick scan
  • All scoping performed pursuant to your indicated editing preferences
  • Exhaustive research of technical, medical or unique terms
  • Free use of easy-to-use audio upload service - No need for you to pay a monthly fee for audio uploads

Why Hire A Scopist?

  • Less stress - More Income
  • Take more daily copy and expedite work
  • Faster turnaround time for your transcripts
  • Assistance with dictionary building
  • Tax deduction
  • Allows you time for yourself and your family

CAT Systems Supported

Eclipse and Case Catalyst 



There is no extra charge for medical and technical depos or video. Jobs requiring excessive editing will be charged at a higher rate, after mutual discussion and agreement, due to the volume of work involved.

"I just finished this and am getting ready to print. You did an excellent job. I am so glad to have found you!" Stephanie, Texas *** "Thanks for all your hard work this week. Your transcripts were very good and you leave me just the right amount of things to check, so I feel very confident in your work. I can tell you spend time trying to find out spellings for chemical names if I haven't given them to you. You're a real gem!" Lisa, Ontario *** "The reason why you're so busy is because you're good!" Alice, Massachusetts *** "I'm not finding any errors at all.  You really are incredible.  I feel like I've won the lottery!" Janis, Texas

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