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A collection of family photos.

Browse through the following prints.

Chelsea in her elf costume.

Chelsea Elf

My new nephew, Kenneth Lee, born 10/9/03.

My husband Lee and I at Stingray City in Grand Cayman on our honeymoon

Our wedding performed by one of my favorite court reporters, Patti, on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Another wedding picture

Chelsea with her braids acquired in Jamaica

The kids and me standing in front of the stingray statue in Grand Cayman after a hard day of swimming with the stingrays

Lee and Wyatt with an iguana in Jamaica. I can't seem to make these pictures larger without distorting them.

Click the above link to see the video I created in memory of my son's father.

My newest nephew, Kody Lane, born 1/27/08

My daughter Chelsea and her friend goofing around, as usual

My kids in St. Petersburg, FL. I'll try to figure out how to flip this rightside up.